The Complete Property Success© coaching programme can help you to fast track your property journey and identify strategies and goals that are best for you, while avoiding potentially expensive mistakes.

While everyone’s journey is unique, a mentor can help you to identify what is right for you, depending on your aims, personality, lifestyle and motivation. In any coaching relationship, it is important to first establish that the mentor and coaching is right for you, and this is for both parties to decide.

If you are new to property, or very unsure of what you want at this stage, I recommend that you make the most of free resources such as the property strategy tutorials on this website, and read my books which can help you to get started.

Angela Bryant, Your Personal Property Mentor

Angela Bryant has over 25 years of experience in property, and can help you to gain the confidence and motivation to move ahead with specific, measurable results:

  • Gain clarity on your current situation, through our initial assessment process and review.
  • Identify which property strategy is best for you.
  • Set clear goals and a vision for your future.
  • Provide you with accountability and systems to help you be more productive.
  • Answers to specific issues you may be facing, such as:
    • Sourcing: How do you find the perfect property?
    • Location: Where should you buy?
    • Purchasing: Which property should you buy?
    • Pricing: How much should you pay for a property?
    • Expanding: How can you grow your portfolio or property business?

Key Benefits of Property Coaching

What Does the Property Coaching Include?

  • An assessment of your current situation, including a questionnaire, followed by a consultation either by phone, Skype or in person of up to two hours (applicable to the first month only).
  • Monthly coaching calls after the first month, of up to 90 minutes each.
  • Additional calls up to 30 minutes once a week (not carried forward).
  • Email support (response usually within 24 hours).
  • Advice to create your own power team, including professionals that can help you further.
  • Written materials and documents to help you develop and systemise your business.
  • A bespoke programme for you, including goals and strategies that best suit your requirements.

Property Coaching Plans

Click or tap to select the plan you require from the three available options below. Proceed to fill-in the form to apply for property coaching. After you have submitted the form, you can usually expect a personal response within 24 hours.

Each plan includes a full money back guarantee (terms & conditions apply)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You should have some basic level of knowledge about property and should have some funds to get started. You will also need to be prepared to take action and responsibility. Coaching is not suitable for those negative people who either don’t believe it can be done, or are not willing to take action!
The basic elements of the programme are outlined above, but as everyone’s situation and goals are unique, the coaching you receive will be tailored to your needs.
With over 25 years experience investing in the UK property market, through every part of the property cycle, Angela Bryant has built her own successful 100‑property portfolio. Angela is a multi-millionaire who has made her money entirely through property investing herself, so is the ideal coach and mentor for you.
This coaching is appropriate for the UK property market, but you do not have to be based in the UK to benefit from it, as the coaching can be provided via telephone, Skype, email and other online means.
After you select a property coaching plan and complete the form provided, your application will be reviewed. You will then be contacted directly to arrange a suitable time for your initial free call to assess the suitability of the coaching for you.
Select a property coaching plan from the available options above by clicking on your desired plan. After you complete the form provided, your application will be reviewed. You will then be contacted directly to arrange a suitable time for your initial free call to assess the suitability of the coaching for you.

If you cannot find the answers to any of your questions, or if you have any other concerns, please visit the contact page and complete the form to contact me directly and I will do my best to help you. Alternatively, you can visit my Facebook Page to send me a message or connect with me on LinkedIn.