The Complete Guide to Property Investing Success by Angela Bryant

The Complete Guide to Property Investing Success is Angela Bryant’s first book, originally published in 2008. The book goes into detail about buy-to-let, with insights into the life of a landlord and what it takes to be a successful one. It includes dealing with maintenance issues and tenants based on the real-life experiences of Angela’s husband Dave, who is a very hands-on and practical landlord.

This book also goes into some detail about Angela’s experiences in finding and structuring below-market value deals.

Despite the many pressures on buy-to-let since 2008, experienced investors such as Angela are continuing to invest in property to rent because they know that there are always factors in any market conditions that present opportunities.

  • In many areas, rents continue to increase!
  • Competition is reduced!
  • There are always some who are keen to sell in a hurry, offering opportunities to buy at a discount!

In this book, you will learn how to:

  • Source, analyse and structure fantastic win:win property deals
  • Plan and undertake thorough risk assessment
  • Choose your mortgage and property with care
  • Deal with common maintenance issues, to save money and ensure positive cashflow
  • Expertly manage your own tenants. Learn how to run a tight ship!

And more, including many insights into the secrets of success that Angela shares throughout this refreshingly personal account of how to build a successful 100-property portfolio.

While being suitable for both experienced and new investors alike, this book offers a great starting point for beginners.

Here is an excerpt from the Introduction:

Before you buy your first property, ask yourself why you are buying it and what you really want to achieve. You may be happy to own just one or two properties in addition to your own home, perhaps as part of your pension arrangements. Risk is always inherent in expanding the number of properties, as this will be likely to entail further borrowing and the higher levels of gearing can thin the profit margins.

You may decide that a SMART investment goal for your is to buy just one property at first and see how that works out. Many investors buy just one or two properties, maybe with low gearing and a repayment mortgage, aiming to own them outright within 15 years thus assuring themselves of a decent pension.